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Señor Wences IV

30 mayo 2020 | por The Spainsplainer

Chapter 5 Back on the cruise ship, anarchy had arisen. Or, I suppose I should clarify, anarchism had arisen, because

Señor Wences III

23 mayo 2020 | por The Spainsplainer

Chapter 3 Life at sea was far better than Wenceslao had imagined, and he took to his tasks on the

Señor Wences II

16 mayo 2020 | por The Spainsplainer

Chapter 2 Wenceslao travelled through the country working various oddjobs while honing his talents as a plate-spinner and voice-thrower, earning small bits

Señor Wences I

9 mayo 2020 | por The Spainsplainer

What he was Once upon a time, I wouldn’t even have to answer this question. He was such a famous,


4 abril 2020 | por The Spainsplainer

Title photo: “Age of Empires 1″ by CLF is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 What it is Before I get started, I just want to

Diario apócrifo de Ana Frank

9 junio 2019 | por Juan Soto Viñolo y Carmen Viñolo

  Sábado, 3 de marzo de 1945  Querida Kitty: Esta mañana he conseguido reunir fuerzas suficientes para levantarme de la

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